Brandon Harding Diet and Workout Plan

Brandon Harding Diet

The Brandon Harding diet changes depending on the season. If he is looking to bulk up and gain muscle, he will eat more calories throughout the day. But if Brandon is preparing for a bodybuilding show, he will drop his daily caloric intake to get shredded.

Who is Brandon Harding?

Brandon Harding is a bodybuilder and fitness influencer. He is very active on social media and has a dedicated group of fans. Brandon is honest about his use with performance enhancing drugs, which is one reason why some people are drawn to him. In the fitness industry many athletes lie or ignore this topic – and Brandon has taken the honest approach with his fans.


  • Height: 6′ 3″ (191 cm)
  • Weight: 205 lbs (93 kg)
  • Year of birth: 1997
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Brandon Harding Diet (Bulking)

Even when looking to gain weight on purpose (bulking) Brandon likes to eat clean. Some people will take the dirty bulking approach – which consists of eating all types of foods. However, dirty bulking will leave you with more body fat, from all the added sugar and saturated fats.

  • 1st meal: 10 whole eggs with asparagus, oats mixed with 1 tbsp of peanut butter, 1 banana, 1 kiwi and a scoop of whey protein
  • 2nd meal: 7 ounces of lean beef mince, 12 ounces of basmati rice and a serving of asparagus
  • 3rd meal: 7 ounces of grilled chicken and 12 ounces of sweet potato (this is Brandon’s pre-workout meal)
  • 4th meal: Post workout shake with mango, strawberries, blackberries, protein peanut butter, rolled oats and a scoop of whey protein
  • 5th meal: 9 ounces of steak and mixed vegetables on the side

Brandon Harding Diet (Cutting)

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder like Brandon to get shredded. Everyone has a different goal when it comes to fitness. Some people want to bring their best shape to a competition, while others simply just want to look better at the beach. Whatever the case may be, here’s an example day of eating from Brandon, for getting shredded.

  • 1st meal: 5 ounces rolled oats, 1 tbsp peanut butter and a scoop of whey protein
  • 2nd meal: 1 poached egg, 7 ounces of mashed sweet potato, half an avocado and 7 ounces of grilled salmon
  • 3rd meal: 7 ounces of lean ground beef, 5 ounces of white rice and asparagus on the side
  • 4th meal: 7 ounces of grilled chicken and 7 ounces of baked sweet potato
  • 5th meal: 2 whole eggs, 6 egg whites, 50 grams of rolled oats with cinnamon and a banana

Chest Workout

For this particular chest workout Brandon starts off with the traditional bench press exercise. Because this is a heavy compound movement, it’s a smart idea to begin your push day with the bench press. If you leave it for the end of your workout, it will leave you exhausted. Just make sure to properly warm up the chest, before lifting heavy weight.

  • 1st exercise: Flat barbell bench press 5 x 8-12
  • 2nd exercise: Seated machine chest press 5 x 8-12
  • 3rd exercise: Seated cable fly machine 5 x 8-12
  • 4th exercise: Incline dumbbell fly 5 x 8-12
  • 5th exercise: Incline pushup x 3 sets to failure

Shoulder Workout

For this shoulder workout, Brandon let someone else design it for him. He believes it helps to have a training partner who can give you new exercises to try. If you workout alone, it’s more common to get stuck in a routine. You will unknowingly do the same exercises that your body is used to.

  • 1st exercise: Single arm front cable raise 3 x 12
  • 2nd exercise: Incline bench dumbbell delt fly 3 x 12
  • 3rd exercise: Single arm t-bar press 3 x 10
  • 4th exercise: Static hold lateral dumbbell raise 3 x 10
  • 5th exercise: Seated dumbbell shoulder press 4 x 8
  • 6th exercise: Plate front raise with twist 3 x 10
  • 7th exercise: Machine lateral raise 3 x 12

Back Workout

You will notice that this back workout utilizes many different machines and exercises. Brandon likes to switch it up when training, because it keeps the workout fun and prevents him from getting bored. He has been staying away from heavy deadlifts recently, due to discomfort in his lower back.

  • 1st exercise: Bent over rope pull down 4 x 8-12
  • 2nd exercise: Two arm kneeling cable row in rack 4 x 8-12
  • 3rd exercise: T-bar row 4 x 8-12
  • 4th exercise: Seated machine row 4 x 8-12
  • 5th exercise: Rope face pull 4 x 8-12

Leg Workout

You can see from this leg workout that Brandon likes to start off with barbell squats. Get your legs ready first, before jumping into heavy weight. Brandon will do some light sets with just the bar, then gradually increase the load. You want to avoid going heavy to quick, as this can injure the back.

  • 1st exercise: Barbell squat 4 x 8-10
  • 2nd exercise: Seated leg extension 4 x 12
  • 3rd exercise: Seated hamstring curl 4 x 12
  • 4th exercise: Dumbbell stiff leg deadlift 4 x 10
  • 5th exercise: Seated calf raise with plate 4 x 15
  • 6th exercise: Standing calf raise machine 4 x 15

Arm Workout

There are many different exercises and techniques to work the arm muscles. Brandon utilizes the vertical press motion to hit triceps, as it really stretches this muscle group. It’s very common to have a back/biceps day and a chest/triceps day. But it can be fun to hit both muscle groups in the same training session, for a serious pump!

  • 1st exercise: Standing barbell curl 3 x 12
  • 2nd exercise: Alternating seated dumbbell curl 3 x 10
  • 3rd exercise: Single dumbbell French press 3 x 10
  • 4th exercise: EZ-bar skullcrusher 3 x 12
  • 5th exercise: Single arm dumbbell preacher curl 3 x 12
  • 6th exercise: Spiderman barbell curl 3 x 10
  • 7th exercise: Cable French press 3 x 12
  • 8th exercise: Close grip bench press 3 x 10

Personal Training

In addition to his fitness and bodybuilding career, Brandon also offers personal training programs. His services are available on his website, where he offers workout routines and meal plans.

These are easy to follow, step-by-step programs you can use to get shredded, or build muscle. Regardless of your physique goals, there is a plan for you. Brandon has made some impressive progress and he has the knowledge to help anyone else looking to get fit.

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