Bryce Hall Diet and Workout Plan

The Bryce Hall diet can be best described as intuitive eating. He doesn’t follow a strict meal plan, but rather eats all kinds of foods in moderation. Continue reading for a more detailed look into Bryce Hall’s diet and workout plan.

Who is Bryce Hall?

Bryce Hall is an American social media influencer who rose to fame through TikTok and YouTube videos. Born and raised in Maryland, he began live streaming online after being bullied. After gaining a large following, Bryce moved to Los Angeles to further pursue his career.


  • Height: 5’8″ (172.72 cm)
  • Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)
  • Year of birth: 1999

Bryce Hall Diet Plan

There isn’t much information out there when it comes to Bryce’s specific diet plan. The simple reason for this is that he’s not a professional athlete who needs to stick to a certain diet. Bryce eats foods he wants to eat when he feels like it. Here are some things he might eat during an average day.

  • Breakfast: Cereal or a bagel and a protein shake
  • Lunch: Chipotle burrito bowl with chicken, rice, lettuce, cheese, salsa, and guacamole
  • Dinner: Steak, potatoes, and steamed vegetables

Bryce makes sure to exercise on a regular basis, but he isn’t as strict with his diet. Even though his style of eating could be healthier, Bryce does not eat an excessive amount of food and is able to maintain his physique. It’s all about staying within your daily macronutrient limit.

Eating Out

Bryce is frequently seen dining at BOA Steakhouse in Los Angeles. This restaurant is famous for social media influencers who come and eat expensive dishes. But Bryce also likes to eat fast food once in a while and ice cream. So, how does he manage to stay fit?

The truth is that genetics and age play a major factor in his physique. At the same time he’s not eating pizza and cheeseburgers for every meal. If he were it would be very difficult to maintain an athletic physique. It all comes down to finding a balance with healthy food and junk food.

Bryce Hall Workout Routine

Bryce Hall’s workout routine can be described as a typical bodybuilding split. He will train a different muscle group each day throughout the week. Bryce will sometimes train with fellow influencers at Zoo Culture, a gym owned by Bradley Martyn. Here’s what a week of training might look like for him.

Chest Workout 1

  1. Barbell flat bench press 4 x 10-12
  2. Incline dumbbell press 4 x 10-12
  3. Machine chest press 4 x 10-12
  4. Weighted dips 4 x 12-15
  5. Weighted push-ups 4 x 12-15

Chest Workout 2

  1. Barbell flat bench press 4 x 8-10
  2. Seated machine press 4 x 8-10
  3. Incline dumbbell press 4 x 8-10
  4. Hammer strength chest press 4 x 8-10
  5. Triceps pushdown with rope 4 x 12-15

Back Workout 1

  1. Wide grip lat pull down 4 x 10-12
  2. Dumbbell row 4 x 10-12
  3. Bent over barbell row 4 x 10-15
  4. Strict pull-up 4 x 12-15

Back Workout 2

  1. Barbell deadlift 6 x 10/8/6/4/2/2
  2. Hammer strength seated high row 4 x 8-12
  3. Close grip seated cable row 4 x 8-12
  4. Hammer strength seated low row 4 x 8-12
  5. Dumbbell pullover (on bench) 4 x 10-12

Shoulder Workout 1

  1. Seated dumbbell press 5 x 10-15
  2. Straight bar front raise 5 x 10-15
  3. Standing dumbbell lateral raise 5 x 10-15
  4. Cable face pull 5 x 15-20
  5. Barbell shrug 5 x 10-15

Shoulder Workout 2

  1. Reverse grip military press 4 x 8-12
  2. Seated dumbbell lateral raise 4 x 10-15
  3. Front plate raise 4 x 10-15
  4. Reverse pec deck machine 4 x 10-12
  5. Dumbbell rear delt fly (with bench) 4 x 10-15

Leg Workout 1

  1. Barbell Squats 5 x 6-10
  2. Front rack lunge 5 x 10-12
  3. Leg extensions 5 x 12-15
  4. Dumbbell lunges 5 x 12-15
  5. Lying hamstring curl 5 x 10-12

Leg Workout 2

  1. Hack squat 5 x 6-12
  2. Leg press 5 x 6-12
  3. Smith machine split squat 4 x 8-12
  4. Single leg hamstring curl 4 x 8-12
  5. Barbell glute bridge 4 x 8-12

Arm Workout

  1. Close-grip barbell bench press 4 x 8-10
  2. Bicep curls with bands 4 sets to failure
  3. Seated cable curl 4 x 10-12
  4. Seated overhead triceps extension 5 x 8-12
  5. Strict sanding barbell curl 5 x 5-10
  6. Triceps press (burnout at the end)

Boxing Training

On June 12, 2021, Bryce Hall lost to fellow influencer Austin McBroom by technical knockout in a boxing match. Leading up to this fight he needed to change up his training style to incorporate exercises that would help for boxing.

He focused less on bodybuilding exercises and instead trained for speed and agility. There’s no reason for boxers to have massive amounts of muscle mass, because it can hold them back in a fight.

Some degree of muscle can help with punching power, but too much will slow you down as an athlete and tire you out quicker. Bryce knew that building muscle would not help for his upcoming fight, so he trained like a boxer instead.

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