David Goggins Diet and Workout Plan

David Goggins Diet

The David Goggins diet is all about eating high protein and fats, with minimal carbs. Goggins is a believer in fasting and won’t eat his first meal of the day until 12 pm. He follows the 40/40/20 rule when it comes to daily nutrition. This means his diet consists of 40 percent protein, 40 percent fats, and 20 percent carbs.

Who is David Goggins?

David Goggins is an American author, motivational speaker, and former US Navy SEAL. His mental toughness and exercise routine helped him lose 106 pounds in three months. Goggins has competed in ultramarathons, triathlons, and ultra-distance cycling races. He believes that taking the time to train your mind is equally as important as training your body.

Goggins had a rough upbringing and grew up in a tortured home, as he described it. When he was 8 years old his family moved to Indiana where he experienced racism from some of the people in their small town. These negative childhood experiences fueled his hard work ethic and mental toughness.


  • Height: 6’2″ (188 cm)
  • Weight: 190 lbs (86 kg)
  • Year of birth: 1975

David Goggins Diet

What Goggins eats throughout the day is always changing. If he plans on running 100 miles in a week, he will increase his carbohydrate intake. But when only lifting weights, he will drop the amount of carbs.

Goggins does keep track of his daily caloric intake. But because he’s been training for so long, he knows how many calories he’s burning during his workouts. For most beginners, using a meal tracking app will come in handy.

Timing is everything

Goggins believes that a healthy diet is all about timing. When you eat, how much you eat, and when you stop eating is critical. This is just one reason why he practices fasting. Timing your meals around your workouts is critical for fat loss and performance.

Every day is different, but Goggins will normally stop eating around 6:30 pm. He also doesn’t snack in between meals. Goggins will normally eat around 4-5 small meals a day, so he can have energy without feeling too full. Eating three meals a day is an outdated approach to nutrition.

Weight Loss

He credits his weight loss routine to eating less food and cutting calories. This approach may sound simple, but it worked for him. Most people tend to overthink diet and weight loss. Goggins says all you need to do is get out and start moving. Don’t wait to find a personal trainer, or join a gym. You can start building the body you want today, once you start being more active.

There’s no reason to wake up and eat donuts, or a big bowel of cereal that’s loaded with sugar. It’s obvious these foods are unhealthy to begin with. But why load your body up with calories, if they won’t help you preform better? Exercising is just one step to losing weight. You need to follow a healthy diet for lasting results.


With such an intense training routine, it’s essential for Goggins to use supplements. He will drink protein shakes and take amino acids throughout the day. These supplements help restore his body, so he can be ready for the next workout. You don’t need supplements, but they are a quick meal replacement in athletic events.

Workout Style

Goggins is the master of everything when it comes to training. He has truly done it all. With a Navy Seal background, he’s done all types of military drills and water exercises. But Goggins has experience in other fitness areas too.

He’s competed in ultramarathons, triathlons, and ultra-distance cycling races. On January 20, 2013 Goggins broke the Guinness 24-hour pull-up world record with 4,030 repetitions. That’s around 168 pull-ups each hour for 24 hours straight!

Training everyday

Do you think David Goggins takes rest days? The answer is no. In fact, he has been working out everyday for the last 20 years. In the past, David would take off one day a week. But this would technically be an active recovery day, where he would row for 2 hours. So this rest day isn’t really a rest day after all.

These active rest days are very important for endurance athletes. Goggins will do a low stress motion, to get some blood flowing throughout his body. Active recovery days don’t burn energy, they help refuel your body. Instead of just resting on the couch all day, active recovery gets your body moving after intense training sessions.

Listening to music

Goggins tackles each one of his workouts with full intensity. He’s so extreme that he believes working out while listening to music is cheating. Most athletes today listen to music before a big game. But what happens when those headphones come off?

Music can be used as a tool to take your mind off the pain. But music, TV, and other noises won’t always be there for you to use as a distraction. Goggins trains in silence to be alone with all of the thoughts in his head. You need to be able to control your own mind if you want to succeed.

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