Emma Chamberlain Diet and Workout Plan

The Emma Chamberlain diet is a plant-based meal plan. She has been a vegetarian her whole life and has never included meat in her diet. At one point Emma was vegan, but she has since returned to being a vegetarian.

A self-proclaimed picky eater, Emma loves eggs, cheese, and plenty of fresh vegetables. Continue reading for a more detailed look into her favorite foods and how she eats during a normal (busy) day.

Who is Emma Chamberlain?

Emma Frances Chamberlain is an American personality and social media influencer. She started a YouTube channel while still in high school and it quickly gained rapid popularity.

Emma then moved to Los Angeles and formed the Sister Squad with fellow YouTubers James Charles and the Dolan twins. She is known for her likeable personality and her ability to relate to fans.

Today, Emma has been able to immerse herself in the fashion world, from her humble beginning on YouTube. She is a regular at Paris Fashion week and also interviews celebrities at the Met Gala.


Height5′ 4″ (163 cm)
Weight110 lbs (50 kg)
Year of Birth2001

Emma Chamberlain Diet Plan

In a November 2020 video with Harper’s BAZAAR, Emma revealed exactly what she eats during a normal day. This meatless meal plan works for her and it’s what keeps her energized with a busy schedule.

  • 1st meal: Latte with two shots espresso, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, vanilla nut pod creamer, and Chamberlain coffee (Emma’s coffee brand).
  • 2nd meal: 2 over hard eggs, salt, pepper, everything but the bagel seasoning, Cholula hot sauce, and avocado.
  • 3rd meal: Salad with kale, lentils, carrots, hard boiled eggs, and vinaigrette dressing. Or a burrito bowl with cauliflower rice, black beans, tofu, avocados, and salsa.
  • 4th meal: Flax crackers with spicy hummus, or mini cauliflower pizzas with vegan mozzarella, veggies, and olives.
  • 5th meal: Fried tofu, mixed veggies, brown rice, and yellow curry sauce. Or garbanzo bean pasta, pesto, and nutritional yeast.

Foods to Avoid

As we briefly mentioned in the sections above, Emma is a self-proclaimed picky eater. In other words, the young internet personality is very careful about what foods she puts in her body.

Not all of these are unhealthy, Emma just doesn’t like the taste of them.

  • Soda and sweet drinks
  • Mushrooms
  • Mayonnaise
  • Ranch dressing
  • Overcooked leafy greens
  • Celery
  • Runny eggs
  • Cottage cheese

Favorite Foods

Even though Emma eats healthy most of the time, she still allows herself to have cheat meals once in a while. It’s never a good idea to restrict your body from a certain food group, as this can develop an unhealthy relationship with food.

There’s nothing wrong with indulging every so often, as long as one treat doesn’t lead you to binge eat.

  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Monty’s plant-based burgers (with lettuce, cheese, pickles, spicy habanero sauce, and tater tots)
  • Falafel wrap with hummus
  • Burrito with rice, cheese, black beans, avocado, and green salsa
  • Breakfast potatoes

Emma Chamberlain Workout Routine

Emma admits that her training schedule isn’t very consistent. She will try to workout 4-5 times a week, but it’s normally at different times during the day. Sometimes, Emma will exercise in the morning, while other times it will need to be in the afternoon.

It all comes down to how much work and time she can find during the day. When Emma gets a good chunk of work done in the morning, she will train soon after. She proves that having a busy schedule shouldn’t stop you from keeping your body fit.

Cardio & Weights

In some of her older YouTube videos, Emma shared an example hotel workout. Her focus was on cardio and light weightlifting exercises. This helps her stay lean, toned, and healthy.

Here’s what an example workout routine might look like for her.


  • Ab crunch on bench x 15
  • Sledge hammer tire swing x 12 (each arm)
  • Medicine ball slam x 10
  • Single leg glute kickback x 12 (each leg)
  • Squat to jump with resistance band x 15
  • Cable woodchop x 12 (each side)
  • Plank with core slider x 10
  • Side lung with core slider x 10 (each leg)


  • 1st exercise: Single-leg box squat 3 x 8-10
  • 2nd exercise: Stiff leg dumbbell deadlift 3 x 12-15
  • 3rd exercise: Dumbbell walking lunges 3 x 10 steps (each side)
  • 4th exercise: Dumbbell glute bridge 3 x 12-15
  • 5th exercise: Cable glute kickback 3 x 10-12
  • 6th exercise: Dumbbell box step up 3 x 10-12

Upper Body

  • 1st exercise: Assisted pull-up machine 4 x 10 (or as many as you can)
  • 2nd exercise: Single arm dumbbell row on bench 3 x 10 (each arm)
  • 3rd exercise: Seated Arnold press 4 x 10
  • 4th exercise: Dumbbell lateral raise 3 x 10
  • 5th exercise: Push-up on bench 3 x 15
  • 6th exercise: Cable biceps curl 3 x 10 superset with triceps pushdown 3 x 10


The Emma Chamberlain diet can be followed by anyone who enjoys eating plant-based meals. Just remember that even though avoiding meat can have some benefits, that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.

This specific diet works for Emma and it keeps her body energized throughout the day. The exact amount of food you consume will always be different, as this varies based on age, genetics, activity level, and many other factors.

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