Jared Leto Diet and Workout Plan

The Jared Leto diet is a vegan-based meal plan. He avoids animal products and eats plenty of vegetables, nuts, and grains.

It’s no secret that actors have very busy jobs. Finding time to workout and eat clean foods can be challenging.

Jared Leto is one of those actors who knows how to stay healthy on a movie set. Continue reading for a more detailed look into his diet and training routine.

Who is Jared Leto?

Jared Leto is an American actor and musician. He is a member in the band Thirty Seconds to Mars, with his brother Shannon Leto.

Leto has appeared in films like Blade Runner 2049, Requiem for a Dream, and House of Gucci to name a few. 

Jared Leto Diet Plan

Leto’s main diet is a vegan-based meal plan. In other words, he avoids meat and animal products. He has credited this style of eating to his physical appearance over the last twenty years.

Leto has also considered himself a straight edge person, as he doesn’t drink any alcohol. When looking at his Instagram, we can see that he has a guilty pleasure of eating vegan cookies as a nice indulgence now and then. 

To give a more detailed idea of what he eats on his vegan diet. He has revealed that he drinks hot chocolate in the morning, with almond milk and Oatmeal.

When it comes time for lunch, he loves to have a green salad and nuts. Finally, for dinner, Leto enjoys eating beans and whole grains. 

Jared Leto’s Workout Routine

Leto is known to be physically fit and has even stated that he starts warming up on a bike before he goes on set.  He even enjoys going outside to work out and adds activities like surfing, biking, and hiking to stay in shape.

As well as meditate daily to keep his mind mentally healthy. He will usually train five times a week, along with meditation.

Below you can find an example of how he might train throughout the week.


On Monday, Jared does chest and triceps, starting with a barbell bench press. Where he does a total of five sets, with each set going down by two, three, then two again.

To give a better example, here’s what Jared Leto does. The first set he does is ten, followed by eight, and the next two sets are five, then the last set is only three reps. 

Up next, he does triceps pushdowns and overheads with both sets being three sets of ten each. Adding incline dumbbells also made three sets, with one being ten, then eight, followed by five.

With three sets of tens with skull crusher exercise, and finally ending his weight training with weight dips, doing four sets of fifteen.  After lifting weights, Leto then turned to crunches, doing three sets of fifty reps.

Then do 3 sets of twenty-five reps of leg lifts. Then, going back to three more sets, he crunches fifty reps each. Lastly, he does 3 sets of 25 V-Ups before ending his routine for the day. 


On this day, Leto focuses on cardio and yoga, where he would either bike for ten miles or surf or hike for one hour as an alternate activity. 

Wednesday and Thursday

Jared focuses on the shoulders and legs for these next two days, doing a few exercises together. One of them is barbell squats, doing five sets of two ten reps, two five reps, and three reps to end it. 

He then goes into Arnold and leg press, doing three sets of ten reps for each exercise. Then, doing military press, he does five sets of the following reps; ten, eight, five, five, then three.

With three sets of calf raise doing about fifteen reps each. With the routine coming to an end, Leto does shoulder front raise and lateral side raise, doing three sets of ten reps for both exercises.

Then he does three sets of heavy shrugs with the reps being that of twenty, fifteen, and ten. With the return of crunching, leg lifts, and V-ups, would end the routine. 


On this day, Jared does five sets of deadlifts, doing reps of ten, five, five, and three. Then three sets of ten reps each of weighted chin-ups.

Followed by three sets of ten reps of barbell bent rows, and five sets of dumbbell curls with reps of two tens, two eights, and a single five.

Next, he goes into lat pulldowns, doing three sets of ten reps each. Followed cable biceps curls and hammer curls doing three sets of tens for each exercise.

Then finally ending it with the crunches, leg lifts, and v-ups to end the week. 

Once he has finished his Friday routine, he takes a break for the next two days to allow his body to rest and start the week over again. 

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