Josie Canseco Diet and Workout Plan

The Josie Canseco diet is all about balance. She eats healthy most of the time, but still has junk food once in a while. With this approach, Josie can stay fit and treat herself to pizza every so often. This keeps her on track and also helps to avoid burning out and binge eating. Learn more about Josie’s diet and workout routine in the sections below.

Who is Josie Canseco?

Josie Canseco is an American model and social media influencer. She is the daughter Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco, and model Jessica Canseco. Josie rose to fame after photos of her at the Coachella Music Festival went viral. She stared in the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show and has made a career out of modeling.


Height: 5’9″ (175 cm)

Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)

Year of birth: 1996

Josie Canseco Diet

Although Josie eats clean most of the time, she isn’t obsessive over tracking every calorie she eats. By now she knows how her body responds to certain kinds of foods. Josie feels better during her workouts when she eats lean protein and more vegetables. Here’s what a sample day of eating might look like for her.

  • 1st meal: Oatmeal and fresh fruit
  • 2nd meal: 1 egg, egg whites and spinach
  • 3rd meal: Salad with cucumber, tomato, peppers, spinach, and olive oil
  • 4th meal: Salmon with steamed vegetables

Josie has started to eat less meat and more fish for humanitarian reasons. Protein from fish and vegetables make up the majority of her diet. Eliminating red meat and following a pescatarian diet can have many health benefits. Eating more fish can also lower the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Cheat Meals

Even though Josie eats clean most of the time, she still thinks it’s good to have a cheat meal once in a while. Josie’s favorite junk foods are pizza and ice cream. This approach keeps things fresh, because life is all about balance. You wouldn’t workout everyday, just like you shouldn’t eat the same clean foods everyday.

This kind of strict approach to nutrition can cause stress and make you more likely to binge eat. Allowing yourself to unwind can actually benefit your diet. You can satisfy those junk food cravings by enjoying the occasional cheat meal. Just make sure it’s only a meal – not a full day of eating donuts and cheeseburgers.

Workout Routine

You might think the daughter of a professional athlete and model doesn’t need to work out. Josie was always active as a child and grew up playing sports. She may have been blessed in the genetic department, but she still puts in the work to stay fit. Josie uses group spinning classes, circuit training, and one-on-one boxing lessons to keep her physique in model shape.


One of Josie’s favorite way of exercising is spin class. Spinning is a form of indoor cycling on a stationary bike. This is a very popular form of exercising among many other celebrities in Los Angeles. Spinning burns calories, improves cardiovascular health, and helps keep you mentally strong. It’s also an entertaining way to exercise, as you peddle faster (or slower) depending on the music.

Circuit Training

Here’s an intense workout from Josie’s Instagram. It incorporates a variation of different movements for a total body workout. Perform the following exercises back to back with little rest. You can do these for 2-4 rounds, depending on your fitness level. This is a whole body workout that will improve your muscle endurance.

  • Ab crunch on bench x 15
  • Sledge hammer tire swing x 12 (each arm)
  • Medicine ball slam x 10
  • Single leg glute kickback x 12 (each leg)
  • Squat to jump with resistance band x 15
  • Cable woodchop x 12 (each side)
  • Plank with core slider x 10
  • Side lung with core slider x 10 (each leg)


Another way Josie likes to workout is rumble boxing. It’s an effective workout that gets her in the zone and keeps her focused. Josie likes to listen to all kinds of music when working out, but hardcore rap is her preferred choice when boxing. Artists like Eminem and 50 cent get her pumped up to go hard. Boxing can be a very intense full body workout, because it gets your heart rate pumping and forces you to control your breathing.

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