Justin Bieber Diet and Workout Plan

Justin Bieber diet

The Justin Bieber diet is a balanced meal plan. Ever since revealing his gluten intolerance, the singer has been more conscious of the foods he consumes.

He eats healthy most of the time, but isn’t afriad to live life and have a cheat meal once in a while.

Continue reading for a more detailed look into Justin’s eating habits and training routine.

Who is Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer and songwriter. He gained popularity after his mother posted a YouTube video of him performing at a local talent contest.

Within two years, Justin made a record called “Usher” and, in 2009, his album My World became a hit in several countries.

Early Career

During 2012, his album Believed sold over 137,000 copies in the first week. In 2018 he married Hailey Baldwin, a model he had been dating on and off for a few years.

With his album Changes in 2020, he became the youngest star with albums that reached the top spot on the Billboard Hot 200. Justin recently appeared at the Grammy’s with his wife, and he has been nominated for eight Grammys. 

Justin Bieber Diet Plan 

The Justin Bieber diet follows a healthy lifestyle, because he does workouts and has a fast metabolism. He simply enjoys life and isn’t too restrictive.

Justin eats healthy most of the time with salads, chicken, salmon, vegetables, rice. But if he’s craving a burger, he allows himself to have it.

Justin also drinks plenty of water throughout the day when working out and performing on stage.

Daily Eating Habits

He likes to start the day with eggs, bacon, a sliced avocado, and gluten-free bread. Justin also drinks coffee in the morning to go with his breakfast.

One of his favorite meals in the past for lunch was gluten-free spaghetti Bolognese. Today he may have it occasionally, but usually has an avocado toast, and pizza toast on gluten-free bread. 

For lunch, he chooses chicken or fish with veggies and rice, another favorite. For dinner, he likes to go out and eat sushi at restaurants in New York and Los Angles.

He often orders several types of samashi made with salmon, whitefish, tuna, and sushi. Justin likes grilled salmon with mashed potatoes for dinner and sometimes salad, chicken, veggies, or rice.

Cheat Meals

When it comes to cheat meals, Justin likes to snack after a performance from the Tim Horton Cafe and Bake shop. They make plenty of delicious donut and pasty combinations.

Other snacks he enjoys are cheese and crackers, apple chips, and tortilla chips with guacamole. 

Justin Bieber Workout Routine 

When Justin was 14 and 15 years old, he began to learn to do full body workouts and how to box. Justin has been boxing for many years and even challenged Tom Cruise to fight him in the ring.

He trains five to six days a week, doing cardio exercises, weight training and sometimes yoga. Justin’s cardio routine involves running on a treadmill for about 30 minutes and he covers about three to four miles each run.

Isolation Exercises

After cardio, he moves to the other types of movements. With his weight training, he performs workouts using a bench press, dumbbell press, chest press machine, pushups, and cable cross overs.

He works on his shoulders, arms, legs, and back to strengthen muscles in the body. Justin uses a variety of weight machines and free weights to work out. 

Justin has been known to perform crunches, leg raises, planks and the ab roller to develop his abs. Exercises for his chest involve using the bench press, incline press, chest press, dumbbell press and performing pushups.

When it comes to shoulders, he uses a military press, side lateral raises, and shoulder shrugs. Exercises to strengthen his back involve pullups, pushdowns, cable rows, and deadlifts.

To strengthen his legs, he performs squats, leg presses, leg extension, leg curls, lunges, and calf raises. Justin performs his core workout three to four times a week and works on a variety of exercises. 

Boxing Training

Justin Bieber learned how to box by taking lessons and learning all the moves. He took a lesson from a boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather. When he took private lessons, he was very intent on learning to remain psychically fit.

He learned how to tie his boxing gloves, and often works out by jumping rope and using the heavy bag. Justin learned from his instructor that preparation for a fight is the key to winning and mental toughness fuels the drive to meet your goal.

Justin learned the basics jabs straight, upper cut and hook. A boxer uses these moves many times when in the ring. He learned stances, how to breathe, jabs, cross, and defensive techniques. 

Public Workouts

Justin Bieber has several workout videos on YouTube where fans can get a look at the type of exercises he performs. On YouTube Channel, CelebNews & Style, in a video called “Justin Bieber workout video”, he gives fans some tips on exercising and working out.

There is a 2015 video of his workout routine for the upper body called “Justin Bieber Workout Routine For the Upper Body” and another video called “Justin Bieber Gym Workout”.

Justin also has a video for fans of his boxing with a trainer on ESNews called “Justin Bieber Boxing Got Skills”. 

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