Rob Riches Diet and Workout Plan

The Rob Riches diet is a precise nutritional plan for ultimate physical performance. Rob is a big fan of meal preparation and counting macros. This helps him stay on track, because his meals are made ahead of time. Continue reading for a more detailed look into Rob’s diet and his exercise plan.

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Who is Rob Riches?

Rob Riches is a fitness model, athlete, author, and producer. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Rob was always into sports. After a bike accident at 14, Rob’s doctor told him to preform exercises to build up his strength. He immediately fell in love with lifting weights and the rest is history.

Rob has had a very successful career as a fitness model and bodybuilding spokesperson. He has written the Ultra Lean Nutritional Manual that focuses on building the physique. Rob also uploads videos to his YouTube channel, where he shares diet and exercise advice.


  • Height: 5’10” (177.5 cm)
  • Weight: 185 – 195 lbs (83.9 – 88.5 kg)
  • Year of birth: 1983

Rob Riches Diet

Rob will eat around 2,700 calories each day to maintain his physique (40% protein, 35% carbs, and 25% fats). He will eat six meals and have one post-workout protein shake. These numbers will change, depending on his fitness goals. Rob will increase his calories when bulking up and lower them when he wants to lose fat.

  • 1st meal: Egg whites, oatmeal, banana, dates, and peanut butter
  • 2nd meal: Tuna (in water), basmati rice, asparagus, and avocado oil
  • 3rd meal: Lean ground turkey burgers, basmati rice, zucchini, cauliflower, and avocado
  • 4th meal: Chicken breast, sweet potato, asparagus, and kale
  • Post workout: Whey protein shake and dates
  • 5th meal: Lean ground turkey, basmati rice, almonds, asparagus, and green beans
  • 6th meal: Cottage cheese mixed with casein protein powder and almond butter

Breakfast is one of Rob’s favorite meals. After getting a full night of sleep, he does fasted cardio with some core exercises. Once this intense workout routine is complete, Rob must replenish his body with fast acting protein and complex carbohydrates. In fact, 50% of his daily carbs come from breakfast and his post-workout meal.

Chest Workout

This is a very effective workout that targets every muscle in the chest. The barbell bench press will warm up the muscles, before moving onto complex movements. The core of this workout focuses on supersets, so you don’t need to use that much weight. Put your ego in check, so you can really focus on squeezing and contracting the muscles.

  • 1st exercise: Flat barbell bench press 4 x 12/10/8/8
  • 2nd exercise: Dumbbell overhead extension 4 x 12 superset with Incline smith press 3 x 12
  • 3rd exercise: Seated machine fly 3 x 15 superset with incline dumbbell fly 3 x 12
  • 4th exercise: Weighted dip 3 x to failure

Back Workout

Rob believes the v-taper is key to an aesthetic back. The good news is there are various upper back exercises that will help make your waist look smaller. The most important tip for back movements is to do full range of motion. It’s easier to do partial reps, especially with rows. Full range of motion will better target each muscle for ultimate growth.

  • 1st exercise: Close grip cable row 4 x 10-12
  • 2nd exercise: Behind the neck pull-up 3 x 10
  • 3rd exercise: Bent over barbell row 4 x 10
  • 4th exercise: Wide grip lat pulldown 3 x 15
  • 5th exercise: V-bar pull-up 3 x 10
  • 6th exercise: Single arm smith machine row 4 x 10-12

Shoulder Workout

In order to build true size in the shoulders, Rob says that you need to go heavy with the pressing movement. It’s also critical to go through a warm-up routine before shoulder day. Rob will grab a resistance band and do a variety of different motions to loosen up the shoulders. This helps to avoid injury when it comes time for heavy presses.

  • 1st exercise: Barbell overhead shoulder press 5 x 15/12/10/8/8
  • 2nd exercise: Standing single arm dumbbell press 3 x 8-10
  • 3rd exercise: Bent over dumbbell fly 3 x 12-15 superset with rear delt cable fly 3 x 12-15
  • 4th exercise: Single arm dumbbell side raise 3 x 12 superset with front plate raise 3 x 12

Leg Workout

This is one of Rob’s popular leg workouts, because it targets the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. One of the most important things to remember when it comes to leg day is time under tension. Many people like to bounce right back up in a squat, or deadlift. But slowing these motions down can help better target the muscles for improved muscle growth.

  • 1st exercise: Barbell squat 3 x 10-12
  • 2nd exercise: Sumo barbell deadlift 3 x 10-12
  • 3rd exercise: Seated leg extension 3 x 12-15
  • 4th exercise: Lying hamstring curl 3 x 12-15
  • 5th exercise: Sissy squat 3 x 12-15
  • 6th exercise: Glute hamstring raise 3 x 12-15

Arm Workout

This is an intense arm workout that will build the triceps, biceps, and forearms. There are three different exercises for each group, for a total of nine sets. The most important tip for arm growth is to combine barbell, and single arm exercises. When you only perform barbell movements, you may slightly favor one arm during each repetition.

  • 1st exercise: Barbell skullcrusher 3-4 x 12-15
  • 2nd exercise: Bodyweight dip 3 x 10-12
  • 3rd exercise: Cable triceps pushdown 3 x 10-15
  • 4th exercise: Standing barbell curl 3 x 10-12
  • 5th exercise: Incline dumbbell hammer curl 3 x 10-12
  • 6th exercise: Single arm dumbbell preacher curl 2 x 10-15
  • 7th exercise: Reverse dumbbell wrist curl 2 x 15-20
  • 8th exercise: Reverse EZ bar curl 2 x 15-20
  • 9th exercise: Barbell wrist curl 2 x 15-20

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