Sam Sulek Diet and Workout Plan

The Sam Sulek diet follows a standard bodybuilding meal plan. During Sam’s bulking phase, he eats literally anything in his path.

This includes sugary cereal, chocolate milk, and donuts. But when Sam cuts back on calories to lose fat, he includes more lean beef, egg whites, and wheat bread.

Continue reading for a more detailed look into Sam Sulek’s diet and training routine.

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    Who is Sam Sulek?

    Sam Sulek is an American bodybuilder and fitness influencer. He grew up with an athletic background, participating in gymnastics and diving.

    Credit: Fouad Abiad Media (via YouTube)

    Sam quickly rose to fame on social media, after creating viral content on his training routine and diet plan. He also has an impressive amount of muscle mass for someone his age – which is another reason for his large following.


    Height5′ 11″ (180.34 cm)
    Weight240 lbs (108.86 kg)
    Date of birth2/7/2002

    Sam Sulek Bulking Diet

    In August, 2023, Fouad Abiad Media shared Sam Sulek’s diet where they followed him around for the day. This is what he ate:

    Meal 11 quart of chocolate milk
    Meal 2Large bowl of cereal (around 400g carbs) and milk
    Meal 32 scoops whey protein
    Meal 4Five Guys cheeseburger with ketchup, mustard, lettuce, and medium fries
    Meal 5Krispy Kreme donuts and 4 cups of milk

    Keep in mind that this is Sam Sulek’s bulking diet. His sole focus was making sure he was eating about 5,200 calories each day to build muscle.

    Before training for example, Sam likes to eat around 300-400 grams of carbs. This is an insane amount of carbs for a pre-workout meal and it’s even more than some people consume during an entire day.

    Diet Criticism

    Sam received a lot of criticism after his full day of eating video was posted. People were saying he was consuming unhealthy levels of sugar and fat.

    And while Sam’s diet wasn’t the most balanced day of eating, it was just one small look into his life. We have to remember that this video was posted during a bulking phase.

    Sam recently shared the above Instagram story where his grocery cart included lean ground beef, egg whites, wheat bread, and (you guessed it) salad.

    So, fans can take a deep breath of fresh air knowing that their favorite fitness influencer does eat vegetables. Micro-nutrients found in veggies can help lower blood pressure, have a positive impact on blood sugar, and keep your appetite satisfied.

    Sam Sulek Cutting Diet

    After Sam’s bulking diet went viral, he naturally had to share his cutting meal plan. This eating style consists of far less calories and sugar, with plenty of protein to maintain muscle.

    Meal 14 turkey sandwiches with light mayonnaise and mustard
    Meal 216 oz lean ground beef and 1 pack of cheddar and broccoli rice
    Meal 32 cups nonfat chocolate milk
    Meal 4Footlong Subway sandwich
    Meal 58 oz top round steak

    In addition to this sample day of eating, Sam also drank zero calorie lemonade throughout the day. Sugar free drinks like this satisfy his sweet tooth and he doesn’t have to worry about extra calories.

    Credit: Sam Sulek (via YouTube)

    Sam Sulek Workout Plan

    In addition to following a bodybuilding diet, Sam also follows a standard bodybuilding workout split. This routine includes isolation exercises, where he trains 1-2 muscle groups during each session.

    Here’s what an example week of training might look like for Sam:

    Chest Workout

    • 1st exercise: Cable chest fly (2 warm up sets and 3 working sets)
    • 2nd exercise: Incline chest press on machine 5 x 8-12
    • 3rd exercise: Nautilus press 5 x 8-12
    • 4th exercise: Dumbbell chest press 5 x 8-10
    • 5th exercise: Cable crossover 5 x 8-12
    • 6th exercise: Cable crossover on bench 5 x 8-12

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    Back Workout

    • 1st exercise: Reverse grip lat pulldown 4 x 8-12
    • 2nd exercise: Dumbbell row 4 x 8-12
    • 3rd exercise: Plate loaded t-bar row 4 x 8-10
    • 4th exercise: Close grip cable row 4 x 10-12
    • 5th exercise: Reverse seated row machine 4 x 8-12
    • 6th exercise: Smith machine deadlift 4 x 8-12
    • 7th exercise: Close grip lat pull down 4 x 15

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    Shoulder Workout

    • 1st exercise: Dumbbell shoulder press 4 x 12
    • 2nd exercise: Lying cable side lateral raise 4 x 12
    • 3rd exercise: Dumbbell front lateral raise 4 x 12
    • 4th exercise: Reverse pec dec machine 4 x 10-15
    • 5th exercise: Dumbbell side lateral raise 4 x 10
    • 6th exercise: Cable front raise 4 x 10

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    Leg Workout

    • 1st exercise: Lying hamstring curl 4 x 8-12
    • 2nd exercise: Leg press 5 x 8-12
    • 3rd exercise: Smith machine front squat 4 x 12-15
    • 4th exercise: Seated leg extension 4 x 12-15
    • 5th exercise: Single leg hamstring curl 4 x 10-12
    • 6th exercise: Smith machine stiff leg deadlift 4 x 12-15

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    Arm Workout

    • 1st exercise: Triceps pulldown with rope 4 x 10-15
    • 2nd exercise: Bodyweight dip 4 x 8-10
    • 3rd exercise: Close grip bench press 4 x 10-12
    • 4th exercise: EZ bar skullcrusher 4 x 12-15
    • 5th exercise: Bent over cable pushdown 4 x 12-15
    • 6th exercise: EZ bar preacher curl 4 x 12-15
    • 7th exercise: Alternating dumbbell curl 4 x 10-12
    • 8th exercise: Standing barbell curl 4 x 12-15
    • 9th exercise: Preacher curl on machine 4 x 12-15

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