Serge Nubret Diet and Workout Plan

Serge Nubret Diet

The Serge Nubret diet plan followed the standard golden era approach to nutrition. Serge ate high amounts of protein and cut carbohydrates before competitions. This meal plan leaves you with less energy, but gets you in top shape. Continue reading for more information on Serge’s diet and workout plan.

Who was Serge Nubret?

Serge Nubret was a French professional bodybuilder during the 1960s and 1970s. He wasn’t the most popular golden age bodybuilder, but still managed to have a successful career. He was known for his muscular symmetry, which gained him the “Black Panther” nickname. When Serge was a child he looked up to Steeve Reeves for bodybuilding inspiration.


Height‎: ‎5’11” (180 cm)

Weight‎: ‎215 – 225 lbs (93.0 – 102.1 kg)

Born: October 6, 1938

Died: April 19, 2011

Serge Nubret Diet

The biggest part of Serge’s diet was protein. Serge would eat around 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Meaning that he would consume at least 400 grams of protein per day.

  • 1st meal: 8 eggs, 4 pieces of toast, and milk
  • 2nd meal: 3-4 pounds of meat, rice, and milk
  • 3rd meal: 3-4 pounds meat, spaghetti, and milk

Although this is a high amount of protein, he wasn’t eating that many carbs. This type of nutritional plan left him very tired and he was known for taking naps at the gym, in between training sessions. Most bodybuilders take naps like this so they can recovery and be ready for their next training session.

Meat by the pound

Serge lived up to the “Black Panther” nickname by following a carnivore diet. The main source of protein he ate was horse meat. This seems unrealistic today, but horse meat was a very popular source of food in other countries.

Serge was known to eat anywhere from 6-8 pounds of meat per day. He would eat more meat during the off season and less before a bodybuilding competition. Although Serge only ate three meals per day, they were massive meals that would fuel his workouts.

Chest Workout

Serge was known for his legendary chest workouts. Some days even included 30 sets of bench press. Obviously when doing this many reps, you can’t use heavy weight. Serge used moderate amounts of weight and focused on volume instead. This not only helps to prevent injuries, but will help you control muscle movement and concentrate on the chest muscles.

  • 1st exercise: Barbell bench press 8 x 10
  • 2nd exercise: Dumbbell fly 8 x 10-12
  • 3rd exercise: Cable crossover 8 x 10-12
  • 4th exercise: EZ bar pullover 8 x 10-12

Back Workout

Golden age bodybuilding was all about the v-taper. Serge had a thin waist and thick upper body, which helped enhance his overall look. Serge’s back routine was similar to other areas of his training. He went with moderate amounts of weight, with 30-40 sets total. It’s very important to focuses on the full range of motion in the back to achieve maximum results.

  • 1st exercise: Chin up 6 x 6
  • 2nd exercise: Wide grip lat pulldown 6 x 10-12
  • 3rd exercise: Reverse grip lat pulldown 6 x 10-12
  • 4th exercise: Close grip cable row 6 x 10-12
  • 5th exercise: T-bar row 6 x 10-12

Shoulder Workout

Serge was a big believer in minimal amounts of rest in between sets. We can see this in his shoulder routine, as he liked to quickly jump into the next set. He trained with lighter weights, so the workouts could be quicker. Heavier weight only makes each training session longer. And when you’re working out multiple times a day like Serge was, you need to conserve your energy for the entire day.

  • 1st exercise: Behind-the-neck press 6 x 10-12
  • 2nd exercise: Dumbbell lateral raise (front and side) 6 x 15
  • 3rd exercise: Lying lateral raise 6 x 10-12
  • 4th exercise: Barbell upright row 6 x 10-15

Leg Workout

The level of intensity continues with Serge Nubret’s leg routine. Barbell squats were the main focal point to build and shape his legs. Sometimes Serge would do 300 reps of squats in a single workout! Golden era bodybuilders had strong and lean looking legs. This is much different from today, where we see thick legs that are overdeveloped to the rest of the body.

  • 1st exercise: Leg press 8 x 10
  • 2nd exercise: Seated leg extension 6 x 15
  • 3rd exercise: Lying leg curl 6 x 15
  • 4th exercise: Barbell squat 8 x 10
  • 5th exercise: Standing calf raise 10 x 10

Arm Workout

21 inch arms were another focal point of Serge Nubret. Everyone wants big arms, but they need to be lean enough to see muscle definition and separation. It’s crucial to focus on muscle contraction when training the biceps and triceps. Most beginners just go through the standard arm movements, but they aren’t focusing on squeezing the muscle during each rep. This helps the muscles grow and develop.

  • 1st exercise: Barbell curl 8 x 10-12
  • 2nd exercise: Lying triceps extension 8 x 10-12
  • 3rd exercise: Bodyweight dip 8 x 10
  • 4th exercise: Dumbbell concentration curl 8 x 10-12
  • 5th exercise: Preacher curl 8 x 10-12
  • 6th exercise: Triceps cable pushdown 8 x 10-12

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