Shaun Clarida Diet and Workout Plan

The Shaun Clarida diet is a simple bodybuilding meal plan. He sticks to the staple of high amounts of protein and carbohydrates, with low fat.

This is the more modern approach to bodybuilding nutrition. Continue reading for a more detailed look into Shaun’s bulking and cutting diets.

Who is Shaun Clarida?

Shaun Clarida is an American bodybuilder and IFBB pro. He competes in the 212 weight class division and took 1st place in the 2020 Bodybuilding Olympia.


Height5′ 2″ (157.48 cm)
Weight175 – 185 lbs (79.4 – 83.9 kg)
Year of birth1982

Shaun Clarida Diet Plan

As we briefly mentioned in the introduction, Shaun has a very simple diet. He sticks to animal protein, carbs, and some fat.

Most of this has to do with meal prep. When you make a large portion of food for the week, there won’t be much variety.

But it gets the job done and Shaun is a champion due to his consistency and hard work ethic.


Shaun doesn’t like to have the typical eggs and oatmeal for his first meal when bulking. He says that his body needs more calories. Plus, after 8-10 hours of sleeping he is very hungry in the morning.

Meal 1200 grams jasmine rice and 7 ounces 90% ground beef
Meal 2200 grams jasmine rice and 7 ounces 93% ground turkey
Meal 3140 grams oatmeal and 60 grams whey protein powder (pre-workout)
Meal 460 grams whey protein powder and 75 grams carb protein powder (post-workout)
Meal 5300 grams pasta and 7 ounces 90% ground beef
Meal 660 grams mass gainer protein shake

He also likes to add seasoning to his meals for more flavor. Instead of eating plain ground beef for example, Shaun will add onion powder, garlic powder, and bread crumbs.


When it comes time to lean down for a bodybuilding competition, Shaun’s diet doesn’t change much. He eats the same types of food, the only difference is that he will drop carbs and some fat.

Meal 17 ounces 96% ground beef, 2 whole eggs and 150 grams jasmine rice
Meal 27 ounces 99% ground turkey and 150 grams jasmine rice
Meal 380 grams oatmeal and 60 grams whey protein powder (pre-workout)
Meal 460 grams whey protein powder (post-workout)
Meal 57 ounces 96% ground beef and 150 grams jasmine rice
Meal 660 grams casein protein powder

This is a standard practice for most professional bodybuilders. They will drop calories, while still keeping protein intake high. This helps the body keep some level of muscle mass, while dropping fat.

Shaun Clarida Workout Routine

The Shaun Clarida workout routine takes the classic approach to bodybuilding. He will usually focus on 1-2 groups of muscles during each session in the gym.

Credit: Shaun Clarida (via YouTube)

This type of training style is the most efficient way to gain and maintain muscle mass. Let’s take a look at what some of Shaun’s workout routine might look like.

Chest Workout

  • Warm up: Machine press 3 x 20
  • 1st exercise: Machine press 5 x 8-12
  • 2nd exercise: Incline dumbbell fly 5 x 8-12
  • 3rd exercise: Smith machine bench press 5 x 8-12
  • 4th exercise: Standing cable chest fly 5 x 8-12

Shoulder Workout

  • Warm up: Alternating front and side dumbbell raise 3 x 12
  • 1st exercise: Seated dumbbell front raise 6 x 8-10
  • 2nd exercise: Seated dumbbell press 6 x 8-10
  • 3rd exercise: Shoulder press machine 6 x 8-10
  • 4th exercise: Rear delt fly machine 6 x 8-10
  • 5th exercise: Standing dumbbell shrug 6 x 10-12
  • 6th exercise: Barbell front raise 6 x 8-10

Back Workout

  • Warm up: Seated machine row 3 x 15
  • 1st exercise: Seated machine row 5 x 8-12
  • 2nd exercise: Close grip lat pull down 5 x 8-12
  • 3rd exercise: Bent over cable pull down 5 x 8-12
  • 4th exercise: Dumbbell pullover on bench 5 x 8-12
  • 5th exercise: Assisted pull up machine 4 x to failure

Leg Workout

  • Warm up: Leg extension machine 3 x 15-20
  • 1st exercise: Leg press 6 x 8-10
  • 2nd exercise: Hack squat machine 6 x 6-8
  • 3rd exercise: Smith machine front squat 6 x 8-12
  • 4th exercise: Lying hamstring curl 6 x 10-12
  • 5th exercise: Stiff leg deadlift with dumbbells 6 x 8
  • 6th exercise: Wide stance leg press 6 x 8-10
  • 7th exercise: Walking barbell lunge 2 x 10-12
  • 8th exercise: Leg extension machine 6 x 10-12
  • 9th exercise: Reverse hamstring curl machine 6 x 12
  • 10th exercise: Single leg hamstring curl 6 x 12

Arm Workout

  • 1st exercise: Bodyweight dip 5 x 12
  • 2nd exercise: Close grip bench 5 x 10
  • 3rd exercise: Triceps push downs wide grip 5 x 10
  • 4th exercise: Incline skull crusher 5 x 10
  • 5th exercise: Underhand cable push down 5 x 10
  • 6th exercise: Barbell curl 5 x 10
  • 7th exercise: Dumbbell curl 5 x 10
  • 8th exercise: Barbell concentration curl 5 x 10
  • 9th exercise: Single arm preacher machine curl 5 x 10

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