Sofia Richie Diet and Workout Plan

The Sofia Richie diet is all about eating the foods she loves in moderation. She has walked the ramp for the biggest brands and names in the industry, including Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel, Michael Kors, and more. One of the reasons how she achieves this is through her gorgeous physique.

The young model and designer is also a fitness enthusiast who loves to hit the gym with her friends to maintain her hourglass figure. She consistently gives us major body goals, and if you find yourself in the same boat, keep reading to find out what Sofia Richie’s diet and workout plan are comprised of.

Who is Sofia Richie?

Sofia Richie is a model, social media personality, and fashion designer. She comes from a family of major superstars as she happens to be Lionel Richie’s daughter and Nicole Richie’s younger sister. Having been in the spotlight for years, Sofia Richie works hard as a model for the biggest designers and fashion campaigns.

In 2018, she also launched her own fashion line, which was quite popular. Besides working in campaigns, she has been modeling in magazines since she was fourteen years old, with her first shoot with Teen Vogue.


  • Height: 5′ 6″ (167.64 cm)
  • Weight: 121 lbs (54.88 kg)
  • Year of birth: 1998

Sofia Richie Diet Plan

Sofia Richie’s diet plan is not exactly strict. She is a true lover of food and frequently shares her meals on social media. So, how is she able to stay in such amazing shape? Even though Sofia enjoys eating pancakes and french fries, she does so in moderation. The truth is that modeling is her job and her body needs to stay around a certain weight.

You also have to remember that she is young and probably has a very fast metabolism. Genetics also play a major role in our bodies ability to store fat in different places. We doubt she will continue to eat this way throughout her career, but there’s nothing wrong with it now. Lastly, Sofia also puts in work at the gym in order to be able to consume these treats.

Day of Eating

Here’s what a typical day of eating looks like for Sofia. She does not eat this way every single day. These are just some real examples of food she has shared on social media. You can see that she understands how to balance out her eating by having a high carb lunch, with a low-carb and high protein dinner.

  • Breakfast: Eggs, toast (or pancakes) with fresh fruit on the side
  • Lunch: Tortilla chips, french fries, fresh guacamole, raspberries, blackberries, pineapple, and strawberries
  • Dinner: Grilled salmon and a salad with romaine, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, and olive oil

Since Sofia is a food lover she experiments with different meal combinations. Even though her favorite meal is pasta (which is heavy in carbs) she can balance out the rest of the day by eating less carbs. She loves making salads with salmon or chicken, because they taste great and they provide valuable nutrients.

Sofia Richie Workout Routine

Sofia doesn’t mess around when it comes to training. Her workouts are intense, as they usually combine bodyweight exercises, cardio, and HIIT (high intensity interval training). In addition to cardio the exercises she does mainly focus on the core and lower body, but she still keeps her upper body toned.

Bodyweight Training

  1. Jumping jacks x 60 seconds
  2. Steam engines x 60 seconds
  3. Bodyweight squat x 60 seconds
  4. Burpees x 60 seconds
  5. Supermans x 30 seconds
  6. Plank x 30 seconds
  7. Rest x 30 seconds
  8. Jump rope x 60 seconds
  9. Bodyweight calf raises x 30 seconds
  10. Arm circles x 60 seconds
  11. Ankle taps x 60 seconds
  12. Glute bridges x 60 seconds
  13. Push-ups x 30 seconds
  14. Rest x 30 seconds
  15. Jumping jacks x 60 seconds
  16. Single leg toe touches x 60 seconds
  17. Jump rope x 60 seconds
  18. Plank x 30 seconds
  19. Rest x 30 seconds
  20. Jumping jacks x 60 seconds
  21. Mountain climbers x 30 seconds
  22. Side plank (left) x 30 seconds
  23. Side plank (right) x 30 seconds
  24. Raise the roof x 30 seconds
  25. Flutter kicks x 30 seconds
  26. Jump rope x 60 seconds
  27. Jumping jacks x 30 seconds
  28. Bodyweight squats x 30 seconds


There are many different ways to improve your cardiovascular health. Some of Sofia’s favorites are spin class, running, hiking, dancing, and jumping rope. The good news is, most of these exercises can be done without equipment. Even if you don’t have a jump rope, you can jump up and down and achieve the same results.


Here’s a hardcore HIIT workout you might find Sofia doing. Other than the warm-up and cool-down, complete the following exercises for 2-4 rounds. You can change up the rounds depending on your fitness level. HIIT is a great way to burn calories, lose weight and build muscle.

  1. Slow run warm-up x 2 minutes
  2. 40 yard sprint
  3. 30 calorie row
  4. 20 burpees
  5. 10 calories on assault bike
  6. Slow run cool-down x 2 minutes

Sofia Richie provides an excellent example of how you can enjoy life, travel, and eat good food, all the while maintaining a toned body through consistently working out. Her diet is not strict, and her workouts, for the most part, are straightforward. For her, it’s all about a healthy balance.

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