Tristyn Lee Diet and Workout Plan

Tristyn Lee Diet

The Tristyn Lee diet follows the ketogenic meal plan. This way of eating embraces a combination of high fat and protein rich foods, with very little carbohydrates. When you become used to the keto diet, your body burns fat instead of carbs. Tristyn says that this diet plan helps him burn fat and still maintain a solid amount of muscle mass.

Who is Tristyn Lee?

Tristyn Lee is a Canadian bodybuilder, YouTuber, and fitness enthusiast. As a teenager, he gained a massive following by posting his muscle building progress on Instagram. Tristyn was originally training to become a professional soccer player, but has since started to focus more on fitness and bodybuilding.


  • Height: 5’3″ (160 cm)
  • Weight: 115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)
  • Year of birth: 2002

Tristyn Lee Diet

As mentioned above, Tristyn is a big believer in the ketogenic diet. This is a high fat, high protein, and low carbohydrate meal plan. Once the body is in ketosis, the food you eat forces the body to burn fat (instead of carbs). This meal plan isn’t for everyone, but Tristyn has found that his physique looks best on keto. Let’s take a look at what he eats on a daily basis.

  • 1st meal: 2 Italian pork sausages, 4 ounces lean ground beef, and 4 ounces shrimp
  • 2nd meal: 3 whole eggs, 4 ounces lean ground beef, 4 ounces steak, and a teaspoon olive oil
  • 3rd meal: 5 whole eggs, 4 ounces lean ground beef, and olive oil

You will notice that Tristyn eats a lot of red meat and stays away from chicken. This is really just personal preference, as he enjoys the taste of ground beef more. But red meat also just works better on a keto diet, because the body needs more fat to make up from the loss of carbs.

Tristyn’s Diet Tips

Eating clean doesn’t mean you have to eat bland foods. Look for sugar free sauces that will add flavor to chicken, beef, and eggs. These healthy seasonings will make your meal so much better and you won’t get tired of your diet. When you get tired of your diet you are more likely to fail and eat junk food.

One of the most helpful ways to stay on track is to count your calories. Tristyn uses a food tracking app on his phone that makes it super easy to log what he is eating throughout the day. He says it keeps him accountable, because there is no reason to eat more, or less as long as the information is on his phone.

Chest Workout

Tristyn likes to start off each chest day with some warm up movements. He will usually grab a pair of light dumbbells, or hop on the pec deck machine to activate his chest. Once Tristyn has a solid pump going, he will move on to the heavier pressing movements. These will be in the beginning of the workout, because it’s when he has the most energy.

  • 1st exercise: Pec deck 5 x 15-20
  • 2nd exercise: Flat barbell bench press 4 x 8-12
  • 3rd exercise: Hammer strength chest press 4 x 8-12
  • 4th exercise: Machine flat press 4 x 15
  • 5th exercise: Machine incline press 4 x 12-15

Back & Biceps Workout

Here’s a back and biceps workout from Tristyn, with a focus on rows. When it comes to back exercises, Tristyn prefers to use machines over dumbbells, or barbells. Machines allows him to better active the back muscles, by focusing on squeezing with each repetition. After the back exercises, he finishes off with some dumbbell curls and rope curls.

  • 1st exercise: Unilateral high row 5 x 15 (each arm)
  • 2nd exercise: Nautilus machine row 4 x 15-20
  • 3rd exercise: Machine low row 4 x 15
  • 4th exercise: Chest supported dumbbell row 4 x 12-15
  • 5th exercise: Seated dumbbell curl 4 x 15-20
  • 6th exercise: Standing dumbbell curl 4 x 15-20
  • 7th exercise: Rope hammer curl 4 x 15-20

Shoulder Workout

Below is a massive shoulder building workout form Tristyn. When it comes to the shoulder press Tristyn says it’s important to brace your core during the movement. You also want to avoid having an over-arched back and lower the the bar to chin level. This is the optimal form to avoid injury and build solid muscle mass in the shoulders.

  • 1st exercise: Machine side lateral raise 4 x 10-15
  • 2nd exercise: Standing machine shoulder press 4 x 8-12
  • 3rd exercise: Seated dumbbell shoulder press 4 x 8-12
  • 4th exercise: Bent over dumbbell rear delt fly 4 x 10-15
  • 5th exercise: Standing dumbbell front raise 4 x 10-15

Leg Workout

Tristyn says it’s really important to focus on form during leg exercises. You obviously want to avoid getting injured, but you also want to properly target the leg muscles. Try going slow for leg extensions and avoid putting on as much weight as possible. And for leg curls, make sure to keep the hips down to better target the hamstrings.

  • 1st exercise: Seated leg extension 4 x 15
  • 2nd exercise: Lying leg curl 4 x 15
  • 3rd exercise: Smith machine back squat 4 x 10 (feet forward)
  • 4th exercise: Leg press 2 x 20 second isometric hold & max reps (high and wide stance)
  • 5th exercise: Seated leg curl 2 x 10-12
  • 6th exercise: Standing calf raise machine 4 x 15-20

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