6 oz Chicken Breast Protein Information

Consuming enough protein is essential for losing weight and staying fit. You can get plenty of the stuff from eating food such as chicken. So, how much protein is in 6 oz of chicken breast?

The answer really depends on a few different factors. It all comes down to the type of chicken breast, how it was prepared, and if you’re measuring it cooked, or uncooked.

In this article I’ll talk about different variations of chicken you might find in the grocery store. This will provide you with detailed nutrition facts the next time you’re tracking macros.

How Much Protein in 6 oz Chicken Breast?

6 oz of chicken breast can have anywhere from 26-54 grams of protein. You might think this is a wide range of numbers – but it really depends on how the food was prepared before cooking.

Here’s how much protein is in 6 oz of chicken breast, based on if it’s cooked or raw:

6 oz Chicken BreastProteinFatCalories
Boneless, Skinless (Cooked)38.79g2.08g185
Boneless, Skinless (Raw)26.59g6.95175
With Bone (Cooked)42.55g11.12g281
With Skin (Cooked)54.16g15.09g378

What kind of things impact how much protein 6 oz of chicken breast has?

  • Is the chicken cooked or raw?
  • Does the chicken have bone?
  • Has the skin been removed?
  • How much water does the chicken have?

6 oz Boneless, Skinless (Cooked)

Boneless, skinless chicken breast is a common option for building muscle. That’s because there’s high amounts of protein combined with very little fat (compared to the other varieties on this list).


When cooked, 6 oz of boneless, skinless chicken breast has around 39g protein, 2g fat, and 185 calories. You might have noticed there’s also 0g carbs, which makes this a great food for fat loss.

6 oz Boneless, Skinless (Raw)

You can see how numbers slightly change when comparing the same amount of chicken breast raw. If you’re someone who keeps track of their macros, just make sure to be consistent when logging food.


When raw, 6 oz of boneless, skinless chicken breast contains roughly 27g protein, 7g fat, and 175 calories. Just keep in mind, these figures are for the yield after cooking.

6 oz With Bone (Cooked)

You will notice a higher amount of fat when cooking 6 oz of chicken breast with the bone. Either way, this option is still a solid cut, because it’s a high protein food.


When cooked, 6 oz of chicken breast with the bone has around 42.55g protein, 11g fat, and 281 calories. Remember, these numbers represent yield after the bone has been removed.

6 oz with Skin (Cooked)

If you want to get the most amount of protein from chicken breast – this is it. But there will also be more calories and fat as a result. Keep these things in mind when you’re tracking macros.


6 oz of cooked chicken breast with skin has 54g protein, 15g fat, and 378 calories. Most people looking to lose weight tend to stay away from eating the skin, because it only adds more calories to a meal.

Final Thoughts

By now you should know there are a few different things that can impact how much protein is in 6 oz of chicken breast. So, which option is best for you? It all depends on your physique goals.

If you want high amount of protein and low fat – choose boneless, skinless chicken breast. But if you need to eat more calories, try cooking chicken breast with the skin on.

Just remember to be consistent when it comes to tracking your macros. You should either weigh chicken raw, or uncooked.

Don’t go back and forth – because the weight can change dramatically (as you have seen from the numbers in this article).

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