Does Mochi Melt?

Mochi is a one of a kind treat that can satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Although mochi can be filled with many different ingredients, ice cream is the most popular. This brings us to the following question: does mochi melt?

Mochi ice cream does melt, however, not like traditional ice cream. Due to the unique design, you can leave mochi out longer. Because sweet pounded rice flour gets wrapped around the ice cream, it will not melt as quickly.

So, What is Mochi?

Mochi is a Japanese food typically eaten around the New Year. It’s traditionally made out of rice flour, but can also contain sugar, cornstarch, water, and other ingredients for added flavor.

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The rice dough is first mashed, before being shaped into a small cake. Mochi comes in a wide range of different flavors (and colors) and it’s known to have a unique texture.

Some people say eating Mochi is like taking a bite of a puffy cloud. It’s mushy, flexible, and has a creamy mouthfeel. Mochi can also be filled with ice cream, fruit, custard, bean paste, and many other ingredients.

Does Mochi Need to be Refrigerated?

Storing mochi will vary based on how it has been made. You should avoid putting fresh mochi in the refrigerator, as it will harden and become inedible. Instead, fresh mochi can be preserved in the freezer, as long as you store it immediately.

On the other hand, store bought mochi ice cream should always be placed in the freezer. Just like preserving ice cream, you want to make sure the inside stays frozen. When it comes time for thawing, take the mochi out of the fridge and let it get to room temperature.

How Long Does Mochi Last at Room Temperature?

Mochi ice cream will only last 1-2 hours at room temperature. After this amount of time has passed, the insides will melt and begin to turn into a liquid. This can happen even faster when sitting outside on a warm summer day.

Fresh mochi can last up to 24 hours when left at room temperature. But again, this really depends on the environment. In a colder setting, the mochi may last 1-2 days, especially left out of direct sunlight.

But in a humid area, mochi might last even shorter than 24 hours. After this amount of time has passed, the texture will begin to harden and even mold. That’s why it’s so important to freeze fresh mochi right after you make it.

Final Thoughts

This article began with a question: does mochi melt? Mochi ice cream can certainly melt, however, not like traditional ice cream. This is due to the fact that the exterior is made up of rice flour and protects the filling for a short time.

Traditional (or fresh) mochi does not melt. This food item is only made from rice flour and a few other ingredients. In other words, there is nothing inside of fresh mochi that will give it the characteristics to melt.

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