Is Almond Butter Low FODMAP?

If your stomach is sensitive to certain food groups, finding things to eat can be a challenge. Almond butter can be good for your cholesterol and gut health, but is almond butter low FODMAP?

Almond butter is a low FODMAP food, when consumed in small quantities. However, when you start to eat more than one tablespoon per serving, it can turn into a high FODMAP meal.

What is a FODMAP Diet?

The FODMAP diet refers to a nutrition plan that is specifically designed for individuals who experience intestinal distress when eating certain foods.

Research indicates that more than 85% of FODMAP dieters find relief from digestive issues when following dietary advice and FODMAP guidelines.

The FODMAP diet is an acronym for the types of food to avoid – Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, and Polyols – short-chain carbs (a.k.a. sugars).

The diet’s objective is to identify and alleviate foods that cause digestive issues, which are generally related to IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth).

Short-Chain Carbohydrates

The initial phase includes eliminating a specific class of food – High FODMAP Foods. These contain short-chain carbohydrates (a.k.a. complex sugars), which are poorly digested.

The first phase removes known causes of intestinal and digestive distress – those relate to IBS or SIBO stomach issues. The second phase is when you slowly reintroduce one high FODMAP food at a time.

This helps to determine which of the previously removed foods causes intestine problems. Ultimately, the goal is to know which “high FODMAP” food(s) you need to remove from your diet.

You can return to a more well-balanced but newly revised food plan when you know what foods cause trouble.

The FODMAP diet should have a limited time frame. Its objective is to better understand which and how much certain foods can be eaten – without causing uncomfortable digestive symptoms.

Is Almond Butter Low FODMAP?

Almonds are a healthy food option offering high amounts of protein, healthy fats, and fiber. They even help you stay full longer because of these reasons.

Nut butters, like almond butter, are considered a versatile FODMAP type of ingredient. However, the serving size of the almond butter is an important facet in answering the question – Is almond butter low FODMAP?

In general, an almond butter serving size for one meal should not exceed one tablespoon (20 grams or approximately 10 almonds nuts). Consuming a serving size that is larger than recommended will automatically turn this delicious option into a high FODMAP food.

Other Low FODMAP Foods

Low FODMAP foods come in a wide variety. Most vegetables, in specific serving sizes, are considered low FODMAP foods.

Most proteins are FODMAP friendly; however, fish, seafood, meat, and poultry should be prepared using low FODMAP sauces, condiments, or spices.

Certain fruits, those lower in sugars, are considered low FODMAP – for example – rhubarb, guava, and melons, among others.

Range in Options

FODMAP followers have a wide variety of grains, seeds, oats, nuts, and cereals that are FODMAP friendly. Tea and coffee lovers can enjoy a cup of brew with up to 250 ml of lactose-free milk. For extra hydration, consider coconut water, which is also FODMAP friendly in limited servings.

This diet allows for many types of milk – from almond to rice to oat- and lactose-free, among others. Certain yogurt types are allowed under FODMAP guidelines, as are many kinds of cheeses – from brie to cream cheese, feta, ricotta, mozzarella, Swiss, and cheddar, to name a few.

Finally, it is important to note that those following the FODMAP diet avoid onions and garlic (in any form) entirely when possible.

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