How Many Slices Are in a 8 Inch Pizza?

Knowing how much pizza to get when having a party is essential. In this article, I’ll talk about how much food you can get out of a 8-inch pizza.

This information will apply to making a pizza from scratch and ordering it from a restaurant. In both scenarios, figuring out how much food you need is necessary. The truth is, this size pizza might be too small for a large group of people.

A 8-inch pizza is commonly referred to as a size small. In most cases it will be able to feed one adult, or two children.

It all depends on personal preference. Let’s use myself as an example. I’m 6’1″ and 195 lbs – and I could easily consume one small 8-inch pizza. This is something to remember if you’re having a party.

How Big is an 8-inch Pizza?

Personal/Mini6 inches
Small8 inches
Regular/Medium10 inches
Large12-14 inches
Extra Large16+ inches
An 8-inch pizza falls into the “small” category

How Many Slices Are in a 8-inch Pizza?

There are six slices in a 8-inch pizza. When using a pizza cutter, it’s standard to create three lines to form six slices. You can check out the image below for a better visualization of how this looks.

Pizza slices are created by drawing an X, followed by a single line. As a result, there will be three lines that will create six perfectly even slices.

This is also considered to be a smaller sized slice of pizza (more on that below). You can always cut the surface to form thicker or thinner slices. However, each slice would be extra large, or very thin.

How Many People Does an 8-inch Pizza Feed?

An 8-inch pizza can feed one person. It really comes down to how big they are, their age and other factors. For example, this size pizza would be able to feed about two children.

That would give each child three slices each. But an 8-inch pizza might only be able to feed one grown adult. If you’re having a party, plan for each adult to eat one pizza each at this size.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to deciding who the pizza is for. We now know that children might be able to split this size pizza, where an adult would not be able to.

How Big is Each Slice in an 8-inch Pizza?

Each slice in an 8-inch pizza will be around the size of a small hand. Consider that a pizza slice is shaped like a triangle. And it will be larger where the crust forms and get smaller towards the point.

If you want a more calculated answer, follow this simple equation to figure out the area of the pizza (A=π r2). In this example, the radius is 4″ – which helps us conclude the area to be 50.27 inches.

One thing that will stay the same is the length (about 4 inches per slice). If you decide on a larger size pizza, each slice will get longer. And if you go for a smaller size pizza, each slice will get shorter.

Is an 8-inch Pizza Large or Small?

An 8-inch pizza is a size small. Most restaurants (like Domino’s for example) do not even offer this size pizza. Meaning that you will need to buy one frozen, or make one yourself.

Is an 8-inch Pizza Enough for 1?

An 8-inch pizza will usually be enough for one person. By looking back at the equation above, you know that this size will give you about 50.27 inches of food.

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